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iCOVER was proud to participate as a Diamond sponsor in the PBSA Europe Summit 2024, a distinguished event in the background screening industry. Held on May 21, 2024, this summit united professionals and experts to delve into the latest trends and challenges in background and pre-employment screening. Our sponsorship highlights our dedication to excellence and innovation in providing unparalleled background screening, monitoring, and due diligence services.

Setting Sail: The Pre-Summit Boat Tour

The PBSA Europe Summit kicked off with a delightful 2-3 hour boat outing the evening before the main event. Attendees enjoyed beverages, snacks, and great company, creating a perfect atmosphere for networking. This informal gathering set the stage for deeper connections and fruitful discussions throughout the Summit.

Insightful Discussions and Presentations

  • Opening Remarks by Alice Quinones

Alice Quinones, the PBSA Europe Council Chair, opened the Summit with an inspiring speech about the future direction of PBSA and the exciting topics lined up for the day. Her vision for the next year’s Europe event was particularly motivating, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement and collaboration within the industry.

  • Dynamics of Certificates of Conduct

Frits Broers from COVOG delivered an in-depth presentation on the dynamics of Certificates of Conduct. This session explored the intricacies of Justis, the assessors for applications of Certificates of Conduct (VOG) under the Dutch Criminal Records System. Frit Broers explained how an individual’s criminal history is evaluated in relation to their employment duties, balancing the risk of re-offending with the applicant’s role and responsibilities. This nuanced discussion provided valuable insights into the legal and ethical considerations involved in background screening.

  • Screening & Compliance Across Borders

A panel discussion on Screening & Compliance Across Borders featured industry leaders Harm Voogt (Validata), Caroline Smith (HireRight), and Valerie Bertrand (First Advantage), moderated by Alice Quinones. The panelists addressed the complexities of implementing successful employment screening across Europe, highlighting compliance norms, cultural differences, and the mosaic of legal frameworks. Their collective expertise provided attendees with practical strategies for navigating cross-border screening challenges.

  • The Evolution of Student Records: EMREX Initiative

Jan-Joost Norder from DUO presented on the EMREX initiative, which focuses on the electronic management of student records. This session covered the active involvement of countries in the initiative, the competitive edge offered by alternative programs, and the role of digital educational results in day-to-day business. Jan-Joost Norder’s presentation highlighted the innovative developments in student records and their implications for the background screening industry.

  • Networking & Sponsors Showcase: iCOVER at the Forefront

During the Networking & Sponsors Showcase, iCOVER, Owens Online, and Konfir had the opportunity to showcase our products and services. This segment of the summit allowed us to engage with attendees, demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions, and discuss the latest trends in background screening. Our participation underscored our position as a leader in the industry, dedicated to providing reliable and comprehensive screening services.

  • Exploring GDPR & AI in Europe: Navigating Legal and Ethical Challenges

Bart Schermer (Considerati) and Alex Aoun (Valital) led a session on GDPR & AI in Europe. They discussed the legal requirements and new AI acts in Europe, as well as prohibited practices in AI. The session also covered the ethical considerations and human rights implications of using AI in background screening. This forward-looking discussion provided valuable guidance on how to leverage AI technology while ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory frameworks.

  • Volunteer Drive: Membership Matters

Susie Thomson from Matrix Security Watchdog hosted a Volunteer Drive session, emphasizing the importance of active participation and membership in the PBSA. This segment highlighted the benefits of being part of a dynamic and supportive professional community, encouraging attendees to get involved and contribute to the ongoing development of the industry.

  • Tide of Trivia: Europe’s Last Q&A and Splashdown Quiz

The day concluded with the Tide of Trivia, a fun and interactive Q&A session hosted by Laura Rosianu. This segment provided a light-hearted end to the summit, allowing attendees to test their knowledge and engage in friendly competition. It was a fitting conclusion to a day filled with insightful discussions and valuable networking opportunities.

  • Ignite Action, Wave Farewell: Closing Remarks

Alice Quinones delivered the closing remarks, reflecting on the day’s events and reiterating the importance of collaboration and innovation in the background screening industry. Her words inspired attendees to take action and apply the insights gained from the summit to their own practices.

Looking Forward: PBSA 2024 Annual Conference

Reflecting on the successful PBSA Europe Summit 2024, we eagerly anticipate the PBSA 2024 Annual Conference in Boston, MA, from 8-10 September 2024. Starting on Sunday evening with a Network Reception, the event promises a dynamic agenda including the Opening Ceremony, Exhibit Hall Showcase, educational breakout sessions, and general sessions across Monday and Tuesday. This is a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and collaborate with industry peers.

At iCOVER, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the background screening industry. Our participation in the PBSA Europe Summit 2024 reaffirms our dedication to innovation, compliance, and excellence. We look forward to exploring new opportunities at the upcoming PBSA 2024 Annual Conference in Boston.

Join us as we drive the future of background screening, ensuring that your business can make informed decisions with confidence. See you in Boston!

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