About iCOVER

4 Types of services

Collecting and verifying all available data confirming an individual’s identity
Ensuring future recruits and business partners are honest and trustworthy
Controlling the accuracy of any information during the process
Evaluating perceived image and reliability

/ Our commitments

Total customer satisfaction in terms of quality, service, and accuracy.

Full compliance with regulatory and Data Protection requirements.

Tailor-made solutions combined with a flexible approach.

We are team of experts

iCOVER specializes in Wholesale Background Screening Solutions for the global market. We are an international company with operational headquarters in Paris, backed by a network of offices worldwide, which offer strategic global reach for all your business needs.

Our expertise lies in data collection, research & verification of information, analysis, and reporting. Our clients know that we are diligent, always prepared to go the extra distance to deliver compliant, accurate, and timely results. Our service is dedicated, professional, and reliable.

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Key figures

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Pre-identified sources

Languages spoken in-house

World coverage

/ Round-the-clock customer care

Given the location of our offices, when it comes to vetting and security solutions, here at iCOVER we provide global coverage and round-the-clock customer care through our local, multilingual teams. They are the vital link in our service, working tirelessly on the ground to validate information only accessible to local agents.

/ A far-reaching global network

Over the years, iCOVER has built a trusted network of information researchers & providers, creating unprecedented global coverage. We are using the very latest technology & multiple databases and we are aware that our clients’ needs are different, therefore our services are tailored to their individual needs.

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Meet our executive team

  • James Osborn
    James Osborn CEO
  • Nicola Osborn
    Nicola Osborn COO
  • Rosen Ivanov
    Rosen Ivanov CTO
  • Antoine Croquelois
    Antoine Croquelois CFO
  • Pierre Finot
    Pierre Finot Head of PMO
  • Thibault Lancrenon
    Thibault Lancrenon General Secretary
  • Alice Quinones
    Alice Quinones General Counsel
  • Sidonie Beaumont
    Sidonie Beaumont Chief Human Resources Director


We go that extra distance for all our customers, delivering the very best security
and background screening solutions, founded on four core strengths:

Our quality control policy combines a rigorous and systematic control of all reports to ensure that every aspect meets our service level agreements.
We always go that extra mile to define the best process, identify the most reliable source of information and provide the most accurate and detailed result.
In every country we operate, we ensure that we are fully compliant with the legal & regulatory requirements.
We believe that only by respecting others – our clients, colleagues, suppliers and the environment, we can build an effective, successful organization.