Best industry

Our clients have the peace of mind and confidence knowing that they are working with the best industry standards and choose what we believe to be the iCOVER service essentials:

/ Industry experience

Over 15 years experience in wholesale screening solutions with strong due diligence connections and low turnover of key staff. We work with 8 of the top 10 US-based screening firms for all their international needs.

/ Geographical coverage

Our offices in the UK, France, Bulgaria, Mexico, India, Switzerland, Tunisia, and the US offer a dedicated in-country agent network for ‘escalated’ verbal verifications, data checks (credit, criminal, directorships, etc.), site inspections & due diligence.

/ Security & compliance

Any personal data managed by iCOVER is accessed, stored, and destroyed under the strictest controls. Check out our IT Policy.

/ Optimal turn-around-times

Strongly focused on on-time delivery, at iCOVER we tailor our processes to client needs and channel our staff potential to meet their demands.

Highly qualified,
engaged workforce

University-educated linguistics graduates and native speakers offer local language support with 25+ languages spoken in-house.

Great value model,
able to integrate large

Thanks to our streamlined information sourcing model, international presence and robust workforce, we perform 30 000 checks every month, all over the world.