iCOVER Group Obtains New Offices in The Heart of Bangalore, India

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[PARIS, May 27, 2024] [Newswire]— Step into the heart of India’s digital revolution and discover the bustling city of Bangalore. This dynamic metropolis, with its vibrant blend of government initiatives and technological breakthroughs, is the perfect backdrop for iCOVER Group’s India main office. Nestled among world-renowned IT companies and innovative start-ups, Bangalore is undergoing a thrilling transformation. And at the center of it all stands the magnificent and awe-inspiring World Trade Center, the ultimate hub for business and innovation. As the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the distinguished CREDAI Real Estate Award for best office building, this development has raised the bar for excellence in Bangalore. Welcome to iCOVER Group’s new home in the heart of this thriving city!

The company has established a prominent and modern office space at Brigade World Trade Centre in Bangalore, signaling its commitment to grow and thrive in the country. This impressive location boasts of many seats, a spacious all seating conference room, private cabins and phone booths.

This strategic move reflects iCOVER Group’s determination to excel in the Background Screening and Risk & Compliance Markets in India. With already successful expansions in Singapore and Vietnam, the company is now making strong headway in Bangalore.

In response to the transition from traditional record-keeping processes to a streamlined digitization approach in India, iCOVER Group has made significant investments in its product portfolio and technology capabilities. These investments specifically focus on innovation and supply of top products within the categories of Employment Screening, Criminal Screening, and Credit Screening, which are deemed to be among the best available within the country. Such investments demonstrate iCOVER Group’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions designed specifically for the Indian market. Recently, there has been an increasing demand for Criminal Screening products, along with requests for ID Verification and Credit Checks. It is worth noting that the total iCOVER Group volume of screening processes in the country is estimated to be approximately 50,000 per month.

Vice President of Marketing at iCOVER Group, Lee Anderson added: “The establishment of our new office in India underlines our firm commitment to providing integrated global-local services building upon momentum in Singapore and Vietnam. By expanding our operations and setup in India, we are better equipped to offer improved services, tap into extensive networks, and develop robust solutions. This development enhances our ability to meet the specific needs of our clients, empowering them to effectively mitigate risks and make highly informed decisions. Aside from our core Background Screening business, our Risk & Compliance division, Square Facts complements perfectly our strong offering with Third Party Due Diligence solutions. We are already enhancing client experiences in India and are determined to help customers achieve their full

About iCOVER Group

iCOVER Group is a global leader in Background Screening & Compliance Services with an impressive 20 years of local expertise as a robust and tailor-made data provider with offices in France (HQ), Mexico, Switzerland Tunisia, Morocco, Bulgaria, India, United Kingdom, USA, Singapore and Vietnam.

iCOVER Group provides high-quality Third-Party Background Screening, Monitoring, and Due Diligence services across several categories including Credentials: Employment History, Education History, Professional Licenses, Designated References. Identity: ID Checks, Driving Licenses, Visa/Right to Work, Address Checks. Integrity: Criminal History, Adverse Financial, Bad Payment History, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Civil Litigation. Reputation: Adverse Media Search, Media Criminal, Media Reputation, Directorship Checks, Social Media Search and Risk/ Compliance: Third-Party Screening, Enhanced Due Diligence, On-Site Visit/Inspection, Status Checks.

The company conducts extensive research on both individuals and legal entities, leveraging Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and therefore providing essential information to minimize risks, maintain compliance and ensure informed decision-making. iCOVER Group has developed its screening methodologies as an expert of Validation, Verification and Search in particular.

At iCOVER Group, advanced technologies are combined with human expertise to provide structured reports. This allows clients to benefit from peace of mind regarding their future recruitment and business partnerships. All-in-one solutions mean customers can pursue their growth opportunities with complete confidence. For more information: www.icover-services.com

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