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Rewind, Relive, Reimagine: PBSA USA Annual Conference 2023 Recap!

The iCOVER team is still buzzing with the excitement of the recently concluded PBSA USA Annual Conference 2023 in Grapevine, Texas. It was truly an incredible event, and we want to take a moment to reflect on the highlights, express our gratitude, and share some valuable information with you.

The PBSA USA Annual Conference 2023 led us to some really insightful, progressive, and pivotal discussions in background screening solutions to your major business challenges. We were honored to have our very own Alice Quinones, General Counsel at iCOVER, as a speaker. Alice was part of a captivating panel discussion, "Around the World in 60 Minutes", focusing on significant topics related to France, India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, and Puerto Rico, in the background screening arena. The panel of experts discussed country-by-country differences on major topics such as criminal records and data protection challenges. The topics discussed at the panel connected perfectly with conversations during the two-day exhibition where iCOVER was part of addressing issues related by demonstrating our background screening and risk & compliance solutions, which included the following:

Social Media Search and advanced capabilities:

  • During the exhibition, we provided a Media Screening brochure which incorporates our Social Media Search product overview.  Our screening tools provide valuable candidate insights, ensuring compliance and privacy while making informed decisions easier than ever.

  • Our differentiation points are: extensive language search capabilities, relevant and customized source coverage, and ability to scale large volumes through API-based semi-automated solutions. 

Risk and Compliance:

  • Our dedicated Risk and Compliance Division, Square Facts, offers comprehensive services to minimize risks and maintain compliance throughout your screening process. Our comprehensive range of third-party screening, monitoring, and due diligence services cater to all compliance needs by leveraging over 800,000 curated sources. 

The Challenges in Background Screening:

  • Compliance, laws, and technologies in different countries are shaping the industry landscape and iCOVER is positioned at the heart of this change with innovation and investment in technological infrastructures and solutions.

Data Privacy:

  • Data security is paramount to us. iCOVER follows a robust data privacy framework and employs state-of-the-art ISO-certified security measures to safeguard your valuable information. We are also very proud to have the Chair of Europe PBSA, Alice Quinones, who offers great expertise on this subject and global legislation. 

  • We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for not only stopping by our booth during the event but also for joining in on the fun by taking pictures with our iCOVER-branded berets. Your enthusiasm and engagement added a delightful touch to our time together at the conference. 

  • We want to express our deepest gratitude for your support and engagement during the PBSA USA Annual Conference 2023 and thank the PBSA team organizers for a successful 20th anniversary. It was truly a pleasure connecting with each one of you, and we are looking forward to continuing the great discussions we started during these few days in Texas. 

October 2023

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