Celebrating Nancy Byrne, November 2023 PBSA Volunteer of the Month

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Celebrating Nancy Byrne, November 2023 PBSA Volunteer of the Month

At iCOVER, we are immensely proud to announce that our very own Nancy Byrne, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Governance & Growth, has been recognized as the PBSA Volunteer of the Month for November 2023. This prestigious honor celebrates her dedication and contributions to the screening profession, a testament to her commitment to advancing excellence in our field.

Nancy Byrne’s journey as a dedicated volunteer with PBSA began with her involvement in the Educational Resource Committee, a critical entity responsible for selecting educational content for United States conferences and PBSA webinars. Her motivation to volunteer with PBSA was rooted in a desire to enrich her knowledge, foster connections with like-minded professionals, and collaborate on initiatives that would contribute to the global growth of the organization.

Nancy’s passion for personal growth and knowledge is not limited to her professional life. She is currently engrossed in the book ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t Stop Talking’ by Susan Cain. She recommends this book for those who appreciate the ‘Cult of Character,’ finding it to be a source of validation and insight.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Nancy Byrne for receiving this distinguished recognition as the PBSA Volunteer of the Month. Her dedication and commitment to PBSA and the screening profession are truly commendable. We are proud to have her as a member of our team at iCOVER, and we celebrate her achievements in the world of background screening, pre-employment screening, and risk & compliance.

Nancy’s involvement with PBSA reflects her unwavering support for the screening profession’s growth and development. As a company that values partnerships and collaboration, we appreciate her commitment to advancing excellence in our industry. We are confident that her contributions will continue to positively impact the organization and the professionals within it.

Thank you, Nancy, for all you do for PBSA and the screening profession. We look forward to witnessing your continued success and contributions to the field, and we are excited to see how your dedication will continue to enrich our industry.

Source : https://thepbsa.org/

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