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The Integrity Product Manager is a key person in our company. Let’s get more information about this specific role from Tina Doncheva:

Hi, Tina. Tell us more about yourself. How long have you been working as an Integrity Product Manager at iCOVER, and what is your prior experience in the field?

It all started in May 2017, with a LinkedIn InMail. I joined the Risk and Compliance team (formerly known as Business Intelligence), and I was a Senior Business Analyst there until February 2020 when I joined the Product Management team. Ever since then, I have been handling the Integrity (Financial and Civil) Portfolio of the company. What does this mean? In short, considering my legal background, I am dealing with products such as bad payment history, personal insolvency, and civil litigation.

What are the main responsibilities of an Integrity Product Manager?

If there are three words to describe the role of the Integrity Product Manager, those are “pro-activeness”, “decision-making”, and “collaboration”. The position is the starting point not only in terms of process creation and understanding but also of deciding what would this process’ internal and external value be. The role of the Integrity Product Manager is to collaborate with several teams in order to build the best practice to be followed related to the specific financial and civil products. Thus, the responsibilities include the establishment of a strong research basis and continuous process improvement.

What interests you most about the Integrity Portfolio?

When I undertook the role of a manager of the Integrity Portfolio, I knew that it would be an interesting challenge. It also turned out to be a never-ending learning experience in different aspects – from the constantly changing nature of financial and civil products to the seemingly ordinary daily working relationships with other teams. If I can summarise what I like the most about the Integrity Portfolio, I would probably have to quote Chekhov: “I should think I’m going to be a perpetual student.” I am learning every day, and the nature of the portfolio gives me a great global perspective in the fast-paced financial and judicial world, while the managerial position provides me with the opportunity to broaden my cross-team knowledge and communication.

How do you manage to develop, drive, and implement the overall strategy and vision of your product?

I would like to think of the products in the Integrity Portfolio not as my products but rather as the company’s output accomplishments. In that sense, the strategy and vision might be trivially summarised with the word “improvement”. Since the portfolio engages different products and teams, this means that adaptability, flexibility, and constant improvement in processes, methods, and solutions are of critical value for its development.

November 2021

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