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The Client & Business Development Director is a key person in our company. Let’s get more information about this specific role from Nancy Byrne:

Hi, Nancy. Tell us more about yourself. How long have you been working as a Client and Business Development Director at iCOVER, and what is your prior experience in the field?

I was incredibly fortunate to join iCOVER just 2 months prior to the pandemic shutting down the world! So, I have been here just 21 months now and have been witness to the initial dip and, now, the resurrection of the industry during that time.

What are the main responsibilities of a Client and Business Development Director?

 I see my role as one of stewardship – both internally and externally. I feel as though it is my responsibility to carefully and responsibly manage my clients, their expectations, needs,
and wants; and, just as carefully and responsibly, monitor the landscape of the industry in the US to help inform the product development, marketing, and compliance processes at iCOVER to align with that context and the prevailing priorities and sentiments.

How do you proactively remain aware of your clients’ needs, thereby avoiding decreased client satisfaction?

I genuinely care about my clients and the service they receive from iCOVER. It is personally important to me to be transparent, honest, responsive, and communicate consistently with them about both triumphs and challenges that we may encounter. I have always developed and maintained good relationships with my clients throughout my career and strive to be a trusted member of their extended team.

In order for the Client Director to deliver the best service to their clients, they need to invest time in their own personal development. In what area(s) do you hope to further develop as a Client Director?

My goal for myself is to become involved in the industry association that matters most to my clients, PBSA. I am a volunteer on the US Council’s Educational Resource Committee and have volunteered for several assignments that are steps toward its global remit since 2019. I attend every industry webinar I can; and, I am striving to keep abreast of the concerns that keep my clients awake at night – so many of them are thought leaders producing exquisite newsletters, whitepapers, and web content all of which show me where I should focus! I am investigating an ACAMS certification so that I may be able to better serve our clients on a deeper level as KYC/AML and pre-investment due diligence also fall into many of their wheelhouses of responsibility. Personally, I’d love to re-learn Spanish as I feel woefully inadequate at iCOVER not being able to participate in any conversations other than English when so many are bi- and tri-lingual here! 

October 2021

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