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The Analytics Manager is a key person in our company. Let’s get more information about this specific role from Girish Mahabal:

Hi, Girish. Tell us more about yourself. How long have you been working as an analytics manager at iCOVER, and what is your prior experience in the field?

Hi there! My hometown is Bangalore, in India, where I live with my wife and my 13-year-old kid. I hold a bachelor’s degree in IT engineering, and I have been working as an analytics manager at iCOVER for four and a half years. Before that, I worked as an assistant manager of analytics at IQVIA for four years. I also worked in companies like Capgemini & Genpact as a business analyst for five years.

What are the main responsibilities of an analytics manager?

The main responsibility is to support the executive team, the sales team, and the operations teams with timely client-based performance, dashboards, and presentations. I do that by data extraction and transformation for analysis using SQL, Python, VBA, and Google script. I also work on different revenue performance analytics, KPI scorecards, and Tableau/Excel dashboard creation for operations performance.

Other important regular tasks include setting up and automating daily/weekly/monthly reports for the product/delivery/sales/executive teams and running rigorous STC/PIS team daily/weekly/monthly performance. I also work closely with the IT team to enhance reporting tool functionalities in iCOVER’s internal system and train/guide the members of the analytics team on various deliverables.

What interests you most about your role?

I am interested in getting proper feedback from my colleagues. Very often in large companies, once the work assigned to your team is completed, you don’t have visibility on how it is being used or on its impact. But at iCOVER, we get to know how the data is being used in real time and what its impact is. We also get regular feedback from our executive team.

Joining iCOVER was a great learning experience for me, as I had to get familiar with all the internal system backend tables independently and set up reporting processes from scratch. And last but not least, I have been able to establish great rapport with individuals and teams across our office locations, which is immensely satisfying.

In what area(s) do you hope to develop further?

I would like to further pursue my interest in new technologies like Python and scripting languages. I am also planning to enroll in a distance learning program for Advanced Analytics at a prestigious IT university in India.

December 2022

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