Are You Actively Screening In Latin America?

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The Evolution and Drive For Best Checks Standards in Latin America

Latin America has never had more focus on ensuring transparency, trust, reputation, and compliance when it comes to expanding borders and partners, managing employees, and increasing its global foothold. Gaining trust has not always been easy but an acceleration in the importance of screening for background checks has come increasingly to the fore.

What You Need to Know About Latin America Background Checks :

  • There is a surge and continuous development of electronic identification frameworks in Latin America to ensure security and accuracy.

  • General practices and compliance is now essential across the region and becoming increasingly expected.

  • The interconnectivity and cross-border relations between Latin America and the rest of the world hold a bright future. 

  • Today, taking the extra care to perform professional background checks, such as verifying qualifications or a diploma is increasingly mainstream across the region for a few reasons, the biggest of which is risk mitigation.

Did you know?

  • Our approach to managing country complexities in this region is unrivaled! Due to Network relationships and processes, combined with advanced use of technology, all countries have the highest standard of partner management who are vetted and trusted across the Latin America region and adhere to our exacting standards of Principles of Partner Management.

  • iCOVER has a head office in Mexico and is a leader in volumes with 41000 volume checks in 2022.

  • iCOVER has effectively established use cases in Latin America to ensure we empower you with the best available data to make informed decisions.

What you can do to ensure best Background Checks Standards in Latin America:

  • Focus on the professional background check, however, don’t skip criminal checks but not just any criminal checks, you need to validate the criminal certificate and support that with an ID conquering loopholes that can occur, because checks can be tricky in this region. iCOVER has unique strength in this area and within Latin America where the human eye ensures the highest data accuracy.

  • Focus on the full 360 loops of criminal checks by completing checks for criminal history, court searches, and criminal public searches online or in the media to ensure Integrity.

  • Focus on specific verifications such as accessing our centralized diploma database throughout Mexico and neighboring countries.

  • Complete a forensic document check with our new integrated tool depending on your subject criteria.

Why is that important?

  • Improve your hiring decisions and reduce the risk of hiring someone who is unqualified or has a history of fraudulent activity or criminal behavior.

  • Increase workplace safety.

  • Reduce liability risks.

  • Improve compliance and regulatory requirements, particularly in line with country and region law.

  • Safeguard your company’s reputation.

October 2023

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