Empowering Growth and Compliance in Background Screening: iCOVER as key sponsor at PBSA 2024  Mid-Year Legislative & Regulatory Conference in Washington DC

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During the PBSA 2024 Mid-Year Legislative & Regulatory Conference held in Arlington, VA, iCOVER was proud to be among 354 attendees, including 60 advocacy participants. With 55 educational sessions and 36 exhibit booths, we were honored to be an exhibitor and sponsor from March 24th to 26th, 2024.

Led by a distinguished team, including Bon Idziak, President of iCOVER US Division, Joan Grondin, Vice President of iCOVER US Division, Lee Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, iCOVER and Nancy Byrne, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Governance & Growth, iCOVER highlighted its dedication to  to the background screening industry, innovation and legislation.

The conference provided an essential platform for industry insights, regulatory updates, and invaluable networking opportunities, resonating with the spirit of collaboration and progress. Amidst the bustling corridors  of knowledge exchange, iCOVER took the opportunity to shed light on its comprehensive suite of services meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and discuss major trends occurring such as AI, Social Media, Continuous Monitoring, Data, Automation and New Product Innovations across all screening categories.

In a world grappling with dynamic regulatory shifts and escalating risks, iCOVER remains steadfast in its mission to simplify the screening process and fortify decision-making frameworks for its clients. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise, iCOVER advocates for a holistic approach to background screening, encompassing a wide array of services including Identity, Integrity, Credentials, Reputation checks

During our interactions at the conference, we listened closely to the obstacles many of you are facing. Here’s a glimpse into some of the recurring challenges we heard, along with how iCOVER can lend a helping hand:

AI & Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence and it’s effective use is a hot debate.  Implementing these tools for speed, accuracy and streamlining remains a significant key challenge. Proprietary algorithms that can scan fast whilst reducing risks or inconsistencies of information will become ever more prevalent!

Social Media:

Social Media Screening is here to stay!  Why?  because it continues to become more and more interesting and relevant for companies when recruiting.  An individual’s online personality is of key importance and assists in portraying a solid decision about the reputation of the subject.  iCOVER Social Media Search allows businesses to take appropriate steps to offset risks, advise individuals/ companies and protect reputations and integrity in the process.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Screening:

The conference also highlighted the growing importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in background screening. As organizations work to ensure unbiased hiring, there is a need to balance comprehensive evaluations with the avoidance of discriminatory practices. HR professionals aim to establish fair processes that foster diverse and inclusive workplaces. Companies must use screening methods that accurately reflect a candidate’s qualifications and potential without bias.

Data Privacy, Security, and Control:

Data privacy, security, and control were central themes at the conference. In light of data breaches and the misuse of information, businesses must prioritize the protection of personal data. This includes implementing strong security measures, being transparent with candidates about data use, and complying with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Effective data control builds trust and protects both candidates and employers.

Continuous Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring was emphasized as a key topic at the conference, focusing on the ongoing evaluation of a subject’s background. This approach allows organizations to stay informed about any changes in an individual’s Integrity, Identity, and/ or reputation or other relevant aspects of their background. Continuous monitoring helps maintain a safe and compliant work process and allows employers to address potential risks proactively.

In summary, the PBSA conference underscored the need to incorporate advanced technologies and ethical practices into background screening. By addressing AI, media, DEI, data privacy, and continuous monitoring, companies can navigate modern hiring processes while upholding high standards of integrity and safety.

iCOVER’s Diamond Sponsorship at PBSA Europe Conference:

Looking ahead, iCOVER is excited to participate in the upcoming PBSA Europe Conference in Amsterdam  as a Diamond sponsor and exhibitor. Our involvement reflects our advocated support for the Professional Background Screening Association Industry Body & commitment. We look forward to engaging with industry leaders to discuss best practices and building upon the major topics discussed in Washington .

Whilst our commitment to innovation and client-centricity remains unwavering, we’re eager to delve deeper into emerging trends and challenges through future blog posts and webinars. In closing, We extend an open invitation: how can iCOVER support you further? Your feedback fuels our dedication to excellence, and we stand ready to navigate the road ahead together.

For inquiries and collaborations, book an appointment now! 

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