Empower Your Business: iCOVER’s PBSA APAC Session

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Pre employment Screening Session

The stage is set, and the excitement is building as iCOVER Services prepares to participate  at the PBSA APAC Conference 2023 in Singapore. With a rich legacy of pioneering solutions in pre-employment screening, and risk management, our team eagerly anticipates contributing to the dynamic event that will unfold over 1.5 days.

Event Synopsis:

The PBSA APAC Conference stands as a pivotal convergence, bringing together industry experts and professionals from the Asia-Pacific region. Against the backdrop of Singapore’s energy, this event promises to be an acceleration of ideas, insights, and innovations in the realms of pre-employment screening, and risk management.

Date and Time:

We extend a cordial invitation to you to mark your calendars for a riveting session led by Bon Idziak, iCOVER Services US President. The session, titled “Accessibility in a Global Environment,” is scheduled for November 30th from 4:30 to 5:15 PM at the PBSA APAC AGM Conference. 

Reflecting on PBSA USA Annual Conference 2023:

Fresh from the success of the PBSA USA Annual Conference 2023 in Grapevine, Texas, the iCOVER team continues to buzz with enthusiasm. The event was a testament to the industry’s dynamism, and iCOVER proudly played a significant role.

Our esteemed General Counsel, Alice Quinones, took center stage as a speaker in a captivating panel discussion titled “Around the World in 60 Minutes.” Focused on critical topics spanning France, India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the panel delved into country-specific nuances on issues such as criminal records and data protection challenges.

These discussions seamlessly connected with the dialogues at our exhibition booth. As we showcased our innovative product portfolio, including cutting-edge technologies and tailored services. 

As we gear up for the PBSA APAC Conference 2023, we carry the momentum of these enriching experiences. We eagerly anticipate engaging with industry leaders, sharing insights, and contributing to the collective wisdom that will shape the future of pre-employment screening and risk management in the Asia-Pacific region.

Stay tuned for a session that promises not only knowledge but actionable strategies for success. – join us on November 30th for an exploration into the future of accessibility in a global environment.

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