Unveiling the Frontiers of document Fraud Prevention: iCOVER Group Presence at the Céréales Fraudeurs Breakfast

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November 28, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of document fraud prevention, the Céréales Fraudeurs Breakfast, hosted by Finovox, emerged as a pivotal gathering for the anti-fraud community. On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the Théâtre Mogador set the stage for an enlightening morning dedicated to combating fraud. iCover, a stalwart in background screening, pre-employment screening, and risk & compliance, was not just in attendance but played a crucial role in shaping the discourse.

Distinguished Presence from iCover

At the forefront of our representation was Antoine Andrieu, our esteemed Head of Fraud Solutions. His wealth of experience and expertise positions him as a thought leader in the realm of fraud prevention. The event provided a unique platform for sharing insights, strategies, and collaborative efforts in the ongoing battle against document fraud.

The Essence of the Event

The Céréales Fraudeurs Breakfast was more than a mere congregation of professionals; it symbolized a united front against document  fraud across diverse sectors—banking, insurance, real estate, and beyond. The morning commenced with an enlightening overview of document fraud in France by Marc de Beaucorps, CEO of Finovox, setting the stage for a day filled with impactful discussions.

A highlight of the event was the engaging round table titled “2023 Review and Anti-Fraud Challenges for 2024.” This session brought together luminaries such as Antoine Andrieu, Anthony Jabre of Malakoff Humanis, Anne-Lise Escoffre of BNP Paribas, and Luc Thilliez, CEO of Goodliz. The comprehensive review and foresight into the challenges of the upcoming year provided attendees with a strategic roadmap to fortify their defenses.

The event concluded with a networking session, allowing professionals to forge valuable connections and exchange ideas. Against the backdrop of collaborative discussions, a sumptuous breakfast added a touch of conviviality to the serious business of fighting document fraud.

iCover’s Ongoing Commitment

Our participation in the Céréales Fraudeurs Breakfast reflects iCover’s ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of the fight against document fraud. As pioneers in background screening, pre-employment screening, and risk & compliance, we understand the imperative of continuous collaboration and knowledge exchange in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

In the spirit of the event, iCover remains dedicated to advancing not only our solutions but also the collective resilience of the anti-fraud community. We extend our gratitude to Finovox for orchestrating a truly insightful and impactful event.

The Céréales Fraudeurs Breakfast has not just been an event—it’s a milestone in the collective endeavor to fortify our defenses against document fraud. iCover remains steadfast in its mission to empower organizations in safeguarding their interests through cutting-edge fraud prevention solutions.

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